Optimizing the Independence Day Momentum to Have the Freedom as a Property Owner

Recently, the leading and trusted property developer Agung Podomoro Land (APL) held the Agung Podomoro Land Independence Day Investment Property Festival at the Senayan City shopping center in Jakarta, this August 2022. In addition to commemorating the month of Indonesian Independence, this festival was filled with events and exhibiting 10 prestigious Agung Podomoro Land projects that spread across major cities in Indonesia. Not only the festival gave special promotions – such as a 17% discount, as well as the 8 or 45 times installments – which could only be obtained at the festival, but there were also luxurious cars as grand prizes. This festival attracted the attention of prospective homeowners and those who wanted to invest in property, because the unit prices offered are very diverse, ranging from the most favorite ones, starting from 200 million in Podomoro Tenjo City, to the most premium units costing billions of rupiah such as in Bukit Podomoro Jakarta and Vimala Hills.

Agung Podomoro Is Named Developer of the Year

For a company, winning an award or securing a title gives something to be proud of. Taking home an award is not the end goal in running a business, because every company wants to create products that provide the optimal values for customers, business partners, and the society in general. So, it can be said that achievement is a crowning accomplishment for the commitment and hard work shown by a company.

Agung Podomoro Actively Contributes in the Acceleration of the National Economic Recovery

The pandemic that hit the whole world also had a big impact in Indonesia. To address this challenge, the government has introduced the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program since 2020 to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the economy by protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the capabilities of business actors. For this year, the government has prepared Rp 451 trillion for the 2022 PEN program, which also includes incentives for corporate business actors in various sectors, including property.