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Agung Podomoro Actively Contributes in the Acceleration of the National Economic Recovery


The pandemic that hit the whole world also had a big impact in Indonesia. To address this challenge, the government has introduced the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program since 2020 to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the economy by protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the capabilities of business actors. For this year, the government has prepared Rp 451 trillion for the 2022 PEN program, which also includes incentives for corporate business actors in various sectors, including property.

Agung Podomoro, as a leading, integrated, and trusted property developer in Indonesia, continues to prove its commitment to play an active role in accelerating the national economic recovery. The company continues to build property projects, both existing and new projects, in various areas of the country and keeps fostering optimism by developing areas full of potential to meet customer satisfaction. All of this is Agung Podomoro's support to become a catalyst for the revival of the country's property sector.

Agung Podomoro’s commitment to continuing existing projects

In the midst of such a dynamic economic condition, Agung Podomoro continues to move consistently in developing existing projects, both on the island of Java and outside Java, as part of its commitment to support the revival of the property sector in Indonesia.

One of Agung Podomoro's existing flagship projects that continues to be accelerated is the Kota Podomoro Tenjo, a new independent satellite city in Bogor, West Java. Launched at the peak of the pandemic in mid-2020, this project continues to grow and contributed up to 29% of Agung Podomoro's total marketing sales last year. Currently, this strategic project on an area of 650 hectares has sold more than 3,000 units.

Optimistic to develop new, full of potential new projects 

With more than 53 years of experience in the Indonesian property sector, Agung Podomoro always believes in turning challenging situations into opportunities. For this reason, Agung Podomoro continues to develop new projects, even in the midst of a pandemic, because the developer is supported by its keen eye for market needs and the belief in providing solutions to consumers’ property needs.

Podomoro Park Bandung and Podomoro City Deli Medan are two of Agung Podomoro's new projects, which contributed 22% and 14% of the company's total marketing sales, respectively. Located in Buah Batu, South Bandung, Podomoro Park Bandung is equipped with complete facilities and is projected as a part of the new megapolitan in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Podomoro City Deli Medan, which is one of the first luxury superblock projects in Medan and Sumatra, is now a major tourist and culinary destination for residents of Medan and its surroundings.

Agung Podomoro's strategy and confidence in developing a new area are also the reasons for the company to introduce Bukit Podomoro Jakarta late last year. Agung Podomoro has once again proven its position as a pioneer in the Indonesian property industry by becoming the first major developer to maximize the potential in the East Jakarta area. As an area that is believed to be in the sunrise phase and growing rapidly, supported by massive infrastructure developments such as toll roads, LRT, and MRT in recent years, Agung Podomoro believes that this project in East Jakarta will be able to accelerate value in the area. 

Catalyst for the revival of the domestic property sector

Agung Podomoro's commitment to existing projects and its confidence in maximizing potential in new areas prove the company's commitment to make a real contribution to the revival of the property sector in Indonesia. The presence of Agung Podomoro projects has given significant impacts, both from an economic and social perspective, such as providing added value to the region and encouraging the emergence of new economic opportunities in the project environment&mdash