A modern take on office loft. The room is pretty simple, white dominates the majority of it, with a unique touch from the hanging lamp. The positioning of the furnitures makes the room spacious and cozy enough to move around.


A color theme office is always a fun one but is tricky to design. Especially to match it with your company color. This example shows how the electric blue monochromatic furnitures and decorations work well in being bold, unique but still easy to the eye.


A modern industrial office design inspiration for your SOHO Pancoran unit. The design and furnitures are pretty simple and space friendly for a consultant or agency office. And the floor to ceiling book shelves can also work as a decoration with the lush greenery.


This is a modern contemporary take on office loft. With unique stainless lamps adorn each tables. The arrangement of the desks is a great use of space, with a variation for the upstair level. You can design your e-commerce, consultancy or start-up office at SOHO Pancoran like this.